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Alaminos Salad Garden


Big Drop in 330 Days Indigofera Yields

Big Drop in 330 Days Indigofera Yields


Indigofera 330 Days Yield Shows Big Drop
April 22, 2012

Today was a big disappointment as we tally the results of the 330 days yields of indigofera under testing for yields and height. Reviewing the results we came into a conclusion there must be something wrong in what we did.

Going back we realize the big mistake we made, as we were reviewing the height measured for the 330days indigofera, the average height was even longer at 159.58 centimeters than the previous height recorded. Why the big drop in yields?

The workers were asked to cut the indigofera at 120 centimeters instead of the standard control of 80 centimeters from the previous cuttings. Big mistake, that is why we decided to do one more cutting  on May 28, 2012 to complete a 365 days period. This will compensate the portion not cut during the fourth cutting. In the end it will all average out yields for a one year period for the 24 indigofera trees planted in a 10 square meter area.


Alaminos Salad Garden was a Big Hit at 2011 Agri Link Show

Alaminos Salad Garden was a Big Hit at 2011 Agri Link Show


Big Dreams in Commercializing Technology in Feeding Dairy Goats  

September 25, 2011  

Alaminos Goat Farm (AGF) is seriously embarking in the development and commercialization work in feeding dairy goats under the tropical condition of the Philippines. AGF in partnering with the Bureau of Animal Industry, Research Division under OIC Remedios Acasio and Emily Victorio, Senior Agriculturist.  


The project would be funded by a research grant from the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) with an approved budget of Php 2,012,000.00 pesos. Alaminos Goat Farm is a collaborating partner of this undertaking. AGF would provide the dairy goats, its dairy facilities and its resources to come up with a credible developmental work and commercialization of technology that can be shared to the over 2 million farmers in the countryside raising goats.  


The BAR funded project would zero in on Malunggay as an intervention in lowering feed concentrate cost and improving milk production. AGF would focus on its farm tested Indigofera in its commercialization work.  


Indigofera was instrumental in AGF success in milking the Saanen goats it imported from Australia in May, 2007. AGF experience in milking the Saanen dairy goats under the tropical condition of the Philippines and success in marketing Alaminos Milk Star fresh pasteurized goat’s milk to the Super market trade in late 2008 is a milestone in Philippine Agriculture.  


This makes us a very a credible resource person in goat dairying under the tropical condition of the Philippines. In the commercialization phase of the project this would come very handy.  


Malunggay and Indigofera Side by Side  


The past days were an eye opener for us at Alaminos Goat Farm (AGF). As we network with BAI, Research Division, OIC Remedios Acasio, who we fondly call Maam Remy, we get to see the preliminary laboratory analysis for Malunngay, Indigofera, Mulberry and Napier grass. The results of Malunggay leaf meal test is very impressive, 27.1 % protein level, 4460 calories per kilogram and the 3 % calcium content makes it a very ideal addition to the feed ration of dairy goats.  


Now we get the idea why Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) was very insistent with Malunggay as the leaf meal for the commercialization work in feeding dairy goats. There are a lot of work ahead to find out if the supply of Malunggay is sustainable and ecomically viable.  


The Alaminos Salad Garden is our solid contribution to the development of the goat raising industry in Tropical Philippines. The focus in developing a salad garden to produce more legumes to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy goats. Legumes have a higher protein level and are highly digestible compared with tropical forage grass which are higher in fibers and lower in protein. This is the way to go for profitable goat operation in Tropical Philippines


Nelson Weighing Indigofera to Record 270 Days Yield

Nelson Weighing Indigofera to Record 270 Days Yield


Down from 850 grams yield per tree at 210 days but still good considering the rains only came last week. With the 500 grams yield at 150 days, the total yield per tree  now after 3 cuttings, is 2 kilos. There is  still one cutting to go to complete a year.

This continue to bolster our statement that Indigofera is one of the easiest to plant and highest yielding legume available for goats in tropical Philippines. Indigofera's 27.6 % protein content and 3921 calories per kilogram makes it an attractive addition to goat's feed.

It is the way to go to a sustainable and profitable goat operation in tropical Philippines


Indigofera Fertilized with Goat Manure, Needed the Rain which Came Early this Week

Indigofera Fertilized with Goat Manure, Needed the Rain which Came Early this Week


More Blessings For The Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program

February 17, 2012

The rains last Sunday was a welcome blessing for the rain starved Indigofera in the Alaminos Salad Garden (ASG). The rains gave the needed moisture which  indigofera needed badly for faster growth rate. After a month without rain the growth rate of the forages in the ASG have slowed down.

AGF  also decided to hammer mill the palm kernel cake before mixing . It resulted to a finer feed concentrate mixed which  the dairy milking goats loved. An improvement in palatability was observed with the increased in feed intake recorded.

The blessings we continue to receive by being at the right place at the right time, keeps us going in sharing our experience with the Alaminos Salad Garden feeding program


Indigofera in Plastic Bag For Sale... 2012
Indigofera in Plastic Bag For Sale... 2012

Indigofera in Plastic Bag For Sale as an Enterprise  

January 14, 2012  


After a successful stint selling indigofera seedlings in black plastic bags last year we have ask our forage manager Lomi Tumocak , to prepare 10,000 seedlings of indigofera and 2,000 seedlings of mulberry, madre de agua and some malunggay for this year.  


In 2011, Lomi started preparing his seedlings during the second half of 2011. He was able to propagate over 8,000 planting materials in plastic bags in 2011. This year we ask him to start this January.  


Selling it at Php 20 pesos each, the gross sale was Php 152,000 pesos for the seedlings in plastic bags. Lomi got a sales commission of 10% of sales and that netted him Php 15,200 on top of his regular salary in the farm. To provide additional income for Lomi and his family this year, we have told him to ask his wife to help him to collect seeds from the mature indigofera trees. A kilo of indigofera is sold at Php 600 pesos per kilo.  


This year seedling production target is 12,000 of forage planting material in plastic bags. In sharing information in what we are doing we want to show goat raisers other profitable allied enterprise that can be developed alongside raising goats.


Day 90, ASG Feeding Program
January 14, 2012
We have decided to lower molasses content from 15% to 12% on Day 86 of the program. It was also decided to remove the shredded napier grass in both the dairy and goat grower ration.
No abrupt changes in feed intake were noticed the past days and daily milk collected were also stable with a little uptick the past days.Things are looking good but just the same we will continue to monitor goat's milk performance and feed intake.
Cutting the indigofera trees every 60 days would require us to have 14,100 established indogofera trees in the Alaminos Salad Garden (ASG). At 800 grams per tree, we need to cut 235 indigofera trees per day to meet the daily requirement of 150 kilos of indigofera for the concentarte feeds. 20% of what would be harvested would be mature stems which will be removed before shredding.
Additional areas are being planted with indigofera for the afternoon feeding, cut and carry style as fresh forage.


Composted Goat Manure Doing Great for Malunggay and Mulberry
Composted Goat Manure Doing Great for Malunggay and Mulberry

Applying Composted Goat Manure to Malunggay, Mulberry and Indigofera
January 6, 2012
It has been standard operating procedure to apply composted goat manure after cutting to the malunggay,mulberry and indigofera at AGF. It has been doing wonders to the forages, although the rains these past months has been a good help in the exceptional growth rate of the forages at the Alaminos Salad Garden.

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