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Indigofera at Iba Pa in Plastic Seedling Bags Being Readied for the 2011 Agri Link Show

July 2, 2011


Waiting for the start of the Mitra Dairy Line kidding season in August gave us time to spare at AGF to do something productive. We are trying to set up a system to do composting for the big volume of farm waste produced from AGF goat operation. The compost produced provides a good source of organic fertilizer for the Alaminos Salad Garden.  Goat manure are excellent for increasing the quality and aroma of fruits and the oil content of herbs.


The huge success of the Alaminos Salad Garden (ASG) has created a window of opportunity to supply the demand for ready to plant legumes from the  ASG in seedling bags.  Our top seller is Indigofera followed closely by Mulberry. We are selling the seedlings at Php20 pesos each pickup in Alaminos.


In 2009, we bought about 2000 fresh cuttings of Mulberry from a fellow goat raiser in Davao City. It cost us about Php15 pesos each for the Mulberry cuttings landed in Alaminos. The sad part of it only 40% survived when we planted it in the field. We complained and the rude reply we got was maybe we donít know how to plant it properly or we planted it upside down.


This experience has taught us in selling seedlings or cuttings, survival rate should be high priority when it is planted in the field. Otherwise credibility of the seller suffers. As a medium for the seedlings in plastic bags we used the composted combination of farm waste forages and goat manure. It is very rich source of micro nutrients and nitrogen. The texture of the compost is a good absorbent for moisture retention.


AGF have cleared a 220 square meter nursery area for  legume seedlings in plastic bag production. Priority at the moment is to produce 5000 Indigofera seedlings for the October 6 to 8, 2011 Agri Link Show at the World Trade Center. The theme of AGF booth is the Alaminos Salad Garden and its positive effect in AGF goat production. Well bred and fast growing goat breeders who graduated from the Alaminos Salad Garden feeding program would be showcased at the 2011 Agri Link Show.





MULATO II In The Alaminos Salad Garden
August 2, 2015

Mulato II ( hybrid signal grass) Brachiaria ruziziensis X B.decumbens X B. brizantha has broader leaves compared to the signal grass we have in Alaminos. It looks like its very palatable and the leaves looks softer compared to signal grass we have in Alaminos. The leaves of signal grass looks tougher.

The seeds of Mulato II came from the National Dairy Authority.
We saw the seeds of the NDA New Zealand Dairy project at the Dairy Congress in Malvar, Batangas. We brought home seeds of Mulato II and Mombasa.

Signal grass loves the rains the past weeks. The original signal grass we planted came from the farm of the late Speaker Ramon Mitra in Sto, Tomas Batangas through our friend Dado Mitra. Dado gave us signal grass which we uprooted from his farm and replanted in Alaminos.

Issues of toxicity have been raised about signal grass, photosensitisation occurring in sheep and goats on pasture. To address this issue we only serve our  signal grass once or twice a week served cut and carry style. The dairy goats in Alaminos Goat Farm are on complete confinement. We have not recorded any problem with photosensitisation in Alaminos.


Replacement Dairy Goats, Product of Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program

Replacement Dairy Goats, Product of Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program


Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line BUCK AGF KAR 455
Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line BUCK AGF KAR 455

AGF San Antonio Boer Line
July 31, 2015

We continue to develop our signature line of medium sized San Antonio Boers in Alaminos Goat Farm. We are breeding the progeny of the Stately lined boers with the Karbo lined boers with Khimaira blood. The brown color comes from our original Boers from Khimaira Ridge and Thorn in South Adelaide in Australia. San Antonio KAR 455 has as his sire KARBO JR 101  and dam is AGF 7008. Kidding date is August 8. 2014, type of kidding, twins.

First Batch of Replacement Dairy Goats from the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program

June 30, 2011


AGF is proud to share the first pictures of the first batch of replacement dairy goats to graduate from the Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding program. The young doelings were weaned at 60 days, fed  concentrate feeds and fresh legumes plus young forage grass from the Alaminos Salad Garden.


The initial batch of graduates from the program continues to bring a lot of joy for us at AGF. We feel rewarded for all the hard work we have done the past months in raising them. The smooth and shinny hair coats are their prominent features. They are very fast growers and the only thing left for us to do is not to rush in breeding them. We intend to start breeding at 12 months or if we will have the patience, let them mature some more.



KARBO Jr. is consistently prepotent in throwing meatiness, lenght and height. Dam of KARBO JR. is AGF 1790. His sire is AGF Karbo 1518 Mono, he was chosen because of his great length, smooth coat and well balanced legs. His powerful bloodline, Sire KARBO W 459, is Supreme Champion Buck in the 2004 Royal Adelaide Show and noted for his great hindequarter muscle. Dam is KARBO W 408, imported from South Africa Embryo Transfer (Nico Botha Line). His sire line comes from the award winning buck Karbo Lacy.

Buyers loves  Karbo Jr progeny at Alaminos Goat Farm which makes sslling Boers easy.


Future Dairy Milkers at AGF in 2012

Future Dairy Milkers at AGF in 2012


Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line Doelings
Signature AGF San Antonio Boer Line Doelings

KARBO JR 101 is prepotent in throwing a lot of meatiness in his progeny with the lenght and height.

These young future dairy mikers were raised with liberal amount of Indigofera from the Alaminos Salad Garden. The pictures speaks for itself how well fed the young dairy replacement milkers were.
Next year when they are in the milking line and their daily milk yields are recorded daily, AGF would be in a better position to evaluate  peformance  of well fed  milking goats since the time they were weaned.
The Alaminos Salad Garden is stamping its imprint in the successful goat operation of Alaminos Goat Farm. Join us in promoting the concept of the Alaminos Salad Garden as a tool for a more productive goat industry in the Philippines.



BARKLEY  has CHAN LEE as his sire and AGF 279.  STATELY is the sire of CHAN LEE. STATELY is the Reserve Champion Buck at the 2007 Sydney Royal Easter Show in Australia. Mayor Sandy Javier is the the owner of Stately.
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