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Join us at the Seminar in AgriLink Show, October 7 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM
August 7, 2010
The month of October brings Alaminos Goat Farm (AGF) in the forefront in its pursuit of its  Corporate Social Responsibility program . It has chosen to help promote and create awareness for the PCARRD Rural Enterprise Development (RED) Upscaling Project in goat development. Making a move in its CSR program, AGF is sponsoring a free seminar on October 7, 2010 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the AgriLink Show in the World Trade Center, Manila.


The seminar will focus on the developmental effort of PCARRD Upscaling RED project in goats .Dr. Edwin Villar, Director of the Livestock Research Division of PCARRD will guide the participants about their successful RED Upscaling project.



The success story of Alaminos  Milk Star brand of fresh goatís milk will be integrated to the seminar program to focus on the importance of science and technology in goat dairying. Alaminos Goat Farm, being a Science Technology Based Farm, is part of the PCARRD family . The transfer of doable technology like the AGF Salad Garden in goat dairying is the goal of the presentation. The Line Breeding program of our famous Mitra Line goats  will also be discussed.


Small Ruminant Center Director Dr. Emilio Cruz of CLSU will share his practical experiences in small ruminant feeding. His extensive experience in raising goats will show goat raisers the important role nutrition plays in successful goat raising.


PCARRD assisted Science Technology based Farm goat research  project in Artificial Insemination in semen collection and preservation using powder extender at Isabela State University will also be presented. Doing the presentation is ISU Dr. Jonathan Nayga.
Join us for the seminar on October 7 at the AgriLink Show  from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at the World Trade Center, Manila. The seminar  targets developmental officers of NGOs, LGUs, DA officials and goat enthusiasts as participants.  Help us create a strong advocacy for goat development with the  PCARRD Upscaling Rural Enterprise Development (RED) project in goats as center piece. 
Learn more about Alaminos Goat Farm highly successful Salad Garden with focus on indigofera and the famous Mitra Line Breeding program. Register early for the seminar at the World Trade Center during the AgriLink Show on October 7, 2010 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Call or email us for reservation, hurry  slots are limited. You can also visit us and register at outdoor booth of AGF during the AgriLink Show. See you at the  AgriLink Show.


AGF  Booth  at  2009  AgriLink  Show

AGF Booth at 2009 AgriLink Show


Alaminos Goat Farm: "Thereís no show like the Agrilink

 August 8, 2010

Agrilink is set to feature good farm practices and small ruminants in its show this October 7 to 9, 2010 in the World Trade Center in Manila. This yearís theme of the Agrilink could not have been more in sync with Alaminos Goat Farmís (AGF) advocacy of promoting their own good husbandry practices in dairy goat farming.


From the time AGF started its goat operations in 2005, AGF has always believed in the importance of both GOOD NUTRITION and GOOD GENETICS towards successful goat dairying.  Good farm practices are necessary in nurturing healthy small ruminants such as the goats in Alaminos Goat Farm.

As a Magsasaka Siyentista of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD), AGF owner Art Almeda is actively involved in a couple of initiatives driven towards the development of goat dairying in the Philippines such as the small farm research giving focus to nutrition in the care of its Saanen Dairy Goats and the on-going Science and Technology Based Farm (STBF) Milk Recording Project which began in September 2009.

Experience gained in AGF Salad garden small farm research indicates that feeding legumes and forage grass such as indigofera, centrosema, and 45-day napier grass, in addition to concentrate feeds increase milk production of its Saanen Goats. This is reflected in the daily milk records from the STBF project which show
  that AGF's milking line has produced an average of 2.42 Liters of milk per day for the past 270 days. Moreover through the same daily milk records, AGF foresees the potential of its top performing milking goats to produce 3.7 Liters of milk per day.

Alaminos Got Farm has set a 305-day lactation period and 2 Liters per day  as a benchmark for a successful dairy goat farm here in tropical Philippines. Past experiences of AGF show that the 305-day lactation period is feasible with good husbandry practices.


Seeing the number of agriculture enthusiasts who visit the Agrilink Show every year, AGF is looking forward to sharing its experiences to those interested in this exciting and profitable business. The Agrilink Show is the most cost effective trade show that AGF has joined in the past three years in creating awareness for the goats and value added products produced by AGF.
In its 4th year participating in the Agrilink, AGF plans to showcase the outcome of their good farm practices through its Saanen Dairy Goats, Alaminos Anglo Line, Alaminos Anglo Saanen Line to Boer Bucks to its Quality Products such as Goats meat, sausages,  Milk Star Goats Milk, Goats Cheese and the famous Goatís Milk Ice Cream.





AgriLink Show 2010 Alaminos Milk Star Seminar Schedule

October 7, 2010  Thursday  3:30 pm to 5:30 pm


Kambing  SAGOaT sa Kahirapan,  the Milk Star Experience  3:30 to 3:50

First part will be about genetics; Second will be about nutrition; And the third part will be about marketing to sum up the formula of a profitable goat dairy  enterprise. Focus on Indigofera as main legume in the SALAD GARDEN developed at AGF will be presented. The line breeding program for AGF Mitra Line will also be discussed.


Rene Almeda, Consultant, Alaminos Goat Farm

Magsasaka Siyentista, Science Technology based Farm (STBF) of PCARRD


Making The Goats RED     3:50 to 4:20 pm


A pilot project of PCARRD in Region 1, 2, 3, 8 in goat raising called Rural Enterprise Development (RED)  Project. The progress of the Upscaling Red Project in Region 1, 2, 3 and 8 will be presented. The implementation of the Rural Enterprise Development project for goats is a bold move to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of our farmers in the countryside.


Learning about the livelihood opportunities which the RED projects  give  to make the farmers self reliant. This is the way to go for government and NGOís  implementing corporate  social responsibility projects for farmers in the countryside.


The PCARRD  RED project  can be a good blue print for goat development in the Philippines with the farmers in countryside in  mind.


Dr. Edwin Villar,  Livestock Research Division, Director , Philippine Council for Agriculture,  Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Developmet, PCARRD


Goat Nutrition , The Central Luzon State University SRC Experience 4:20 to 4:50 pm


The role of nutrition specifically the use of low cost forage grass and legume combination in feeding  goats will be presented. The different modules tested at Small Ruminants Center at CLSU with the farmers in mind to be profitable and sustainable in their goat enterprise.


Dr Emilio Cruz, Central Luzon State University, Small Ruminant Center, Director


Artificial Insemination in Goats   4:50 to 5:20 pm

Isabela State Univeristy AI research project in semen collection and preservation sponsored by PCARRD . The success in the use of extenders will be presented by Dr. Jonathan Nayga.


Dr. Jonathan Nayga,  Isabela State University




Agnes at WOFEX 2010

Agnes at WOFEX 2010


August 7, 2010

Last August 4-7, 2010 Milk Star joined the World Food Expo (WOFEX) at the World Trade Center which featured different food equipment, technology and freebies.Milk Star was one of the dairy products featured in the booth of the National Dairy Authority.

The prospect of joining the WOFEX was great Ė it was in a known venue; we had four days to promote Goats Milk and dairy goat farming but unfortunately, the outcome of the show was dismal for those traders who were placed outside the main exhibit area. What we learned from joining WOFEX 2010 is that even the right amount of planning and visual presentation becomes insignificant if people do not visit your booth. Location within the event itself is of vital importance especially because there were about a hundred more traders all striving towards the same purpose of catching the attention of the visitors.

Nevertheless, we are grateful to those who stopped by our booth and bought our goats milk as well as goats milk ice cream & goats milk soap. The World Food Expo was definitely a learning experience we will not forget especially the people we met and we talked to. We promise that the next show will even be better and livelier than this!

Donít forget to visit us in the AgriLink Show in October, okay? In the meantime, drink healthy and love goats milk!


Art Almeda with Monica Verallo, Live on Camera at GMA 7  Unang Hirit

Art Almeda with Monica Verallo, Live on Camera at GMA 7 Unang Hirit


Art Almeda Live on Camera at GMA 7 Unang Hirit

June 19, 2010


GMA 7 Unang Hirit featured Alaminos Goat Farm live early Monday morning.  When we granted permission to GMA 7 to do live footages and interview from Alaminos Goat Farm we were in for a surprise.


Counting the trucks and vans no less than 17 vehicles were parked inside the farm when we came  at 5:00 AM. The production crew, on camera hosts and their staff  were all over the place. All  in all we have counted more than 50 persons preparing for the shoot. Never did we imagine that it requires a lot of logistics to do a live coverage on the field.


Art was interviewed by Monica Verallo about milking goats and the pasteurization process. Goat products  were also shown.


It was a good day to promote goat dairying and Milk Star live on nationwide TV. When we delivered goatís milk to our dealer in Los Banos, Laguna I heard an old lady calling Art on first name basis and she said ďArt, saw you on Unang Hirit  this morning, are you selling yoghurt? ď


To GMA Channel 7, Thank You for featuring Alaminos Goat Farm on your Unang Hirit Show it created a lot of awareness and interest in dairy goat farming.
Watch video at you tube

 src="http://www.youtube.com/v/cr3l406aQ68&hl=en_US&fs=1" type="


Zac Sarian Introducing AGF Rene Almeda to DA Secretary Procy Alcala at AANI Harvest Festival

Zac Sarian Introducing AGF Rene Almeda to DA Secretary Procy Alcala at AANI Harvest Festival


An Afternoon with DA Secretary Procy Alcala at AANI Harvest Festival 2010
July 16,2010
Toti  and Agnes Almeda led the Milk Star team at the Harvest Festival of AANI at the Quezon Memorial Circle. They were joined by their father Rene Almeda who represented Alaminos Goat Farm.
Farm produce of friends of AANI were displayed. AGF friend and frequent partner in trade shows - Sunshine Chicken owners  Dr. Rey and Sandy  Itchon were there. They displayed fresh frozen chicken, fresh eggs, day old chicks and chicken sausages.
Secretary of Agriculture Procy Alcala was the guest of honor of the Harvest Festival. It was nice to see Secretary Procy taking time from his very busy schedule to visit the booths at the show to see their display.
Zac Sarian, the famous agricultural editor of the Manila Bulletin introduced Rene Almeda to Secretary Procy Alcala. Rene Almeda made a  push for goat dairying in his conversation with Secretary Procy when he visited the Milk Star booth.
Rene invited  Secretary Procy Alcala to visit Alaminos Goat Farm to personally witness the successful dairy goat operation in AGF and he promised to visit AGF  in the future.
To DA Secretary Procy Alcala, maraming maraming salamat po for tolerating us and listening as we tried to promote goat dairying in your presence. To our friend Zac Sarian, thank you for the very nice introduction to Secretary Procy Alcala and for all the help you have done in helping us  promote goat dairying in your column at the Manila Bulletin.

Sa inyong lahat na aming mga kaibigan sa goat dairying, Maraming, Maraming Salamat po.

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