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Dairy Farming as a Business!!!!! Smallholder Dairying in the Philippines

November 14, 2010


Alaminos Goat Farm hosted the visit of participants of the Refresher Course for the alumni of the International Diploma Course on Dairy Husbandry and Milk Processing. The  PTC + Oenkerk of the Netherland, in collaboration with Animal and Dairy Cluster of the College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Banos are the sponsors of this program. The participants  came from the different parts of Asia. The alumni are middle level professional working in the dairy sector of their respective country.


Sharing of AGF experience in goat dairying under the tropical condition of the Philippines with the participants led to a very fruitful morning discussion. Success in goat dairying led AGF to focus on nutrition, genetics and marketing. The AGF salad garden anchored by a tree legume indigofera, mulberry, centrosema, napier grass, humidicola, malunggay and  leucania is testament of AGF proactive role in helping develop goat raising in the country. The sharing of experiences in feeding through AGF Salad Garden is now part of AGF advocacy centered with the very prolific and fast growing  indigofera.


Ione Sarmago and Myrna Galang of DTRI lead the visitors from Asia and Netherlands in their short farm visit.


Alaminos Milk Star TEAM SEES a Great Year in 2011

Alaminos Milk Star TEAM SEES a Great Year in 2011


Replacement Milking  Herd Batch 2010, Looking Good

Replacement Milking Herd Batch 2010, Looking Good


2011 Will be Great for Alaminos Milk Star

November 2, 2010


The year is about to end and AGF management has been reviewing its farm operation's performance compared to its target. Its milk performance hit a high of 150 liters in July and is now down to 110 liters as it is on its extended milking season for 2010. The milking season for 2011 will be slightly delayed as AGF management decided to delay milking by 45 days. The farm failed to attain the peak target of 200 liters in 2010.


The kidding season starts in the second week of November up to January 2011. The decision to delay start of milking by 45 days was brought about to improve the quality of kids weaned for the replacement milking herd of AGF. The high quality of kids weaned when they were left with their dam to nurse instead of weaning them at day 1 right after kidding and bottle feeding them was observed in 2010. Management decision to sacrifice the volume of milk produced for Milk Star in 2010 will pay for itself as it increases the number of quality milking herd in late 2011 from the replacement milking herd produced from this system in 2010.



Replacement Milking Herd 2010 Born

Replacement Milking Herd 2010 Born


The big demand for Saanen dairy milking goats compels AGF to balance its production target for breeders and fresh pasteurized goatís milk. There is a slow down in milk deliveries to Milk Star outlets which was noted in 2010 with consumers complaining for more goatís  milk at supermarket chillers. AGF vows to do better in 2011.


The breed improvement program for the Saanen, Alaminos Anglo Line and the Boers are progressing well and AGF foresees banner production numbers of high quality breeders for 2011. The high performing Saanen milk producers were identified and tagged with green colour plastic collar and bred to AGF top Saanen herd sires, AGF Dorian and AGF Ricky. A new family Braveheartís Hercules will be added in 2011 to the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program. This will add  vigour to the Alaminos Anglo Line and slow down inbreeding depression.


Advocacy wise, AGF has made big progress when Agnes Almeda joined the Alaminos Milk Star Family in June to spearhead marketing research and the rebranding of Milk Star. The group launched its new logo and label during the  2010 AgriLink Show. It also sponsored a very successful seminar about  The Secret to Successful Dairy Goat Farming  at the World Trade Center  during the AgriLink show. For 2011 it will target at least three trade shows to participate.


AGF will focus in  value adding with priority in producing semi hard cheese. Focus in producing  semi hard  cheese with longer shelf life would fit in well during days of excess milk production. Ione Sarmago of DTRI  has been helping Milk Star in  product development of its goat cheese line. The quality, taste and texture have greatly improved with the guidance of Ione Sarmago. Vacuum packing the cheese have also improved the shelf life of the cheese produced.


The huge investment AGF made in its Alaminos Salad Garden, Breed Improvement Program, Value Adding Program, Advocacy Campaign and Marketing all points to a banner year in 2011. AGF expect to reap the fruits of its labor in 2011 as AGF starts to harvest from the Alaminos salad garden to meet the forage requirement of its highly improved dairy goats and do good in marketing its value added products and breeders.


AGF makes a statement it will cross the 200 liters mark finally at the latest  by June 2011. We start selling part of dairy breeders produced to interested buyers by July 2011. AGF has laid out the groundwork for a successful dairy goat farm by focusing in Nutrition, Genetics and Marketing in 2010.
Now it's AGF turn to make it all happen in 2011, a very profitable year for Alaminos Milk Star operation and show to all that goat dairying is the way to go.


Alaminos Milk Star Team Visits Universal Studio Singapore

Alaminos Milk Star Team Visits Universal Studio Singapore


Alaminos Milk Star Family Celebrates a Long Weekend in Singapore After the AgriLink Show

October 26, 2010


Alaminos Milk Star family enjoyed a long weekend visit to Singapore. This is a reward to the Milk Star family for its very successful participation and for the job well done at the 2010 AgriLink Show. The trip was highlighted by a team bonding visit to the Universal Studio Singapore. The huge crowd at Universal Studio indicates a very strong middle class in Singapore. Tourist were also in big numbers at Universal Studio Singapore.


Exploring the supermarket trade in relation to Milk Star business, we saw the big difference with the Philippines C and D dominated consumer market while the Singapore consumer market is dominated by the A,B and C market. This indicates a very strong middle class in Singapore and big buying power. The supermarkets  were moderate in size compared with the huge SM supermarket in the Philippines. The Cold Storage Supermarket were strategically located along the Malls at the MRT stations. They are not that big but well stock with imported items and basic items.


Lessons learned, Shopping Malls were built on top of the MRT Stations. The idea is to capture the large numbers of commuters of the MRT Lines. Cold Storage supermarket saw this opportunity and opened their stores along the MRT stations. The well stock Cold Storage Supermarket  have an ideal business model to serve the strong middle class of Singapore. How we loved to bring Milk Star fresh goatís milk and cheese to the Singapore market in the future


Art with his Hybrid ALAMINOS MITRA SAANEN CROSS (AMS), AGF Future Breeding Project

Art with his Hybrid ALAMINOS MITRA SAANEN CROSS (AMS), AGF Future Breeding Project


Alaminos Anglo Saanen (AMS) Cross, The Future Breeding Plan of AGF
October 16, 2010 
Alaminos Goat Farm (AGF) commitment is to line breed and to develop a consistent, productive Mitra lines that are predictable for performance and adaptable to the tropical environment of the Philippines.Three years down the road AGF sees production of Alaminos Anglo Dairy  Line  in commercial numbers.
When AGF reach that point in the Alaminos Anglo breeding program they have prepared commercial production of the Alaminos Anglo Saanen Cross with in two years for dairy raisers in the Philippines. AGF have been breeding  prototype of the AAS cross the past two years and  have already identified an AAS cross doe  producing over 3 liters of milk during its peak in her first lactation.
The AAS cross is typically what the American dairy goat farmers in the United States are breeding, which they called a Snubian. This hold huge potential because of hetorosis or hybrid vigour. Why wait that long?  As a breeder AGF want to do it right. The plan is to breed the first batch in commercial numbers using the best line bred Mitra Line does with the best Saanen buck, AGF Ricky and AGF Dorian.
The second option for the Alaminos Anglo Line in consultation with expert geneticist is to outcross it with outstanding Anglo Nubians from another family. This will be completely unrelated to the Alaminos Anglo Line and aims to indroduce new blood and vigour to Alaminos Anglo Line. In the mean time AGF have AGF Edgar, a black Purebred Anglo Nubian Buck, imported from Australia is on standby to breed the line bred Alaminos Anglo  doeling .
Five years down the road that's how long and forward looking our  breeding plan is. AGF hope its friends and customers will have the patience to wait and see these through. Genetics is a long term undertaking, that is why to sustain its operation AGF prioritize production of what the customers wants, which at the moment are the Alaminos Anglo Lines, Saanen and Commercial Boer Buck(CBB).
Profits from Milk Star operation sustain the long term genetic improvement program that AGF is undertaking. Help support the goat industry by patronizing Milk Star Fresh Pasteurized goat's milk so we can sustain our genetic breed improvement program and our advocacy in goat development.

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