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Rocky Boy, The Future Mlkman of Alaminos with AGF Farm Manager Felino Serdan
Rocky Boy, The Future Mlkman of Alaminos with AGF Farm Manager Felino Serdan

Rocky Boy, The Future Milkman of Alaminos
November 3, 2015

The month of October saw Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk celebrating 8 straight years of continuously producing Alaminos Milk Star goat's milk. What a better way celebrating it by introducing the future milk man of Alaminos, Rocky Almeda.

We look forward to the future full of confidence that we will increase goat's milk production for the 2016 milking season by at least 20%. The 2016 milking season starts early, 2nd week of December, 2015. It is the consensus of the Alaminos Milk Star team that we have good dairy genetic material in place ideal to milk under the tropical condition of the Philippines. Good goat nutrition provided by the Alaminos Salad Garden feeding program compliments the well selected young dairy milking goats for 2016.

Laying Out New Goat Pens for 2016
Laying Out New Goat Pens for 2016

To house the additional young dairy milking goats being retained for 2016 and beyond, we are starting slowly preparation for the expansion project to build  new goat pens. The goat pens would  be ready by the third quarter of 2016.

Worker Pre-Fabricating Concrete Slabs for New Goat Pen
Worker Pre-Fabricating Concrete Slabs for New Goat Pen

We are pre-fabricating concrete slabs for the new goat pens we are starting to built. The choice of concrete is to make the pens  last longer. Pre-fabricating results to lower cost of construction and makes work faster at a lower cost

As we welcome the New Year in 2016, we are investing some more to build up capacity with the construction of new goat pens. The future is getting brighter in dairying goats in tropical Philippines as we commercialize doable technology in feeding dairy goats and the use of Anglo Saanen and triple cross milkers.

Young Indigofera Trees in the Alaminos Salad Garden
Young Indigofera Trees in the Alaminos Salad Garden

Indigofera, Best Known Secret of Alaminos Goat Farm  Success Story
November 2, 2015

We continue to be consistent with our statement that Indigofera is a game changer in dairying goats under the tropical climate of the Philippines. Alaminos Goat Farm celebrated 8 continuous years of successfully milking dairy goats in Alaminos since October, 2007. Indigofera is part of our success story as the main tree legume for good goat nutrition part. Indigofera provides an ideal high protein and energy feeds for dairy goats at a lower cost.

What better way to show our critics a solid statement with action as we continue to plant more Indigofera trees in the Alaminos Salad Garden.


Saanen Doelings, Progeny of Caprikorn Cast Iron and Noble Spring Justin
Saanen Doelings, Progeny of Caprikorn Cast Iron and Noble Spring Justin

Saanen Breed Improvement Program, Maturing
November 1, 2015

The Saanen Breed Improvement program is on the way forward with Redwood Hill Pippen as the designated herd sire to breed progeny of Caprikorn Cast Iron and Noble Springs Justin. In no other time in breeding Saanen dairy goats in Tropical Philippines are we more sure of what we want. Experience has taught that Saanens being a temperate breed would require adaptability to the tropical environment.

Phenotype in the selection process were given importance in the first part of the Saanen breed improvement program as we observe closely characteristic of families of Saanens that are doing well in the tropical environment.

We will breed every single progeny of Caprikorn Cast Iron and Noble Springs Justin with Redwood Hill Pippen.


AGF CI 820 with Redwood Hill Pippen


Redwood Hill Pippen with AGF CI 820

Bred AGF CI 820 with Redwood Hill Pippen. AGF CI 820 is a product of breeding Australan Saanen does with an American Saanen buck Caprikorn Cast Iron.

Scott Bice, manager of Redwood Hill Dairy and Creamery has strongly recommended this Saanen buck of Cardamon for the Saanen breed improvement program in Alaminos. Cardamon has a lifetime record of 9,820 lbs of milk in 732 days in lactation. She has an impressive 13.4 lbs of milk average per day, in kilos that is 6 kilos per day.

We have named the Saanen buck Pippen. Pippen's sire is des-Ruhigestelle Eclipse a proven buck producing daughters that have a will to milk in Redwood Hill. Pippen has strong structure in his feet which is lacking with our local born Saanens.

We expect to see outstanding next generation Saanen milkers with the infusion of Redwood Hill Pippen in the Saanen Breed Improvement program in Alaminos.


Caprikorn Zurich Cast Iron ( SAANEN BUCK)


Noble Spring Justin (SAANEN BUCK)

We are proud to say that the American Saanen bucks we are using for the Alaminos Saanen breed improvement program carries very impressive pedigree.

AGF acquired a high-powered American Saanen buckling from Caprikorn Farm in Maryland, USA last July, 2012. Caprikorn Saanen are known as the heaviest milking Saanen herd in the United States today.

Caprikorn  Zurich  Cast Iron carries as his sire SG Snow Zurich *B, the highest rated active USDA buck on record today.  Cast Iron grand dam on his sire side is Caprikorn Renov Winnie Mucca with 6,848 lbs in 610 days in lactation., 99th percentile Elite DOE TOP TEN. His great grand dam is Caprikorn Shank's Venice has a lifetime record of 18,448 lbs of milk in 1,486 days in lactation for an average daily of 12.41 lbs.

Noble Spring Justin has Nobel Spring Jazelle as his Dam. In her fourth lactation Jazelle made 2,644 lbs of milk in 252 days in lactation. Justin sire is Mo'Effective. We imported Justin from Noble Spring Dairy in Franklin, Tennessee, USA last May, 2013


Goldthwaite Gintong Biiyaya, A Personal Gift From Ms Becky Goldthwaite For The AADL Breeding Program
Goldthwaite Gintong Biiyaya, A Personal Gift From Ms Becky Goldthwaite For The AADL Breeding Program

Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya, A Blessing From Heaven
November 1, 2015

Gintong Biyaya has a story to tell, Becky Goldthwaite wanted to give me a gift, a Saanen buck for the Alaminos Saanen Breed Improvement Program in Alaminos. Unfortunately her Saanen doe kidded a kid doe. Later, Becky decided  she will give me instead as a personal gift an Anglo Nubian buck for our Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line Breeding program. Becky asked me what name I wanted to name the buck, so I said Gintong Biyaya, a golden gift from a fine lady breeder with a golden heart from Wyoming.

Gintong Biyaya has Mindanao (Hoopla & Jewellburt) as his dam and Orpheus (Jewellia & Bottonier) as his sire. Kidding date is April 19, 2013.

Gintong Biyaya will play a pivotal role in a line breeding plan at AGF. Becky Goldthwaite had laid a plan  for us to follow to propagate the good dairy qualities and show type features of the Goldthwaite lines for the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program in  tropical Philippines.

Becky Goldthwaite  wrote and I quote.... Of all the kids born this year, Gintong Biyaya was our biggest! And the spitting image of his dam MINDANAO (HOOPLA & JEWELLBURT), another crossed back to SGCH Jewellia -top ten- thru his sire ORPHEUS. Gintong Biyaya, the long, lean dairy buck spells milk, milk, milk.

To Becky Goldthwaite, Thank You for your generosity in giving us a golden gift, Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya for our Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program. I asked Becky why the gift and she said "I like what you are doing in helping develop gaot dairying in the island". Thank you Ma'am Becky   for your advice about line breeding to develop excellence and consistency. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your golden gift Gintong Biyaya, Maraming Maraming Salamat Po. Thank You.


AADL Does Starts Kidding in December
October 29, 2015

The 2016 AADL kidding season starts early in December. The climate change brought abnormal rain fall well spread through out the past months, It cause the drop in temperature in Alaminos. With the cool weather the breeding season early in July compared to the late start last year which started in September.

Island Born AADL Does
Island Born AADL Does

AGF JB 020 was bred to TRR Potenza Q last July 10, 2015. AGF JB 020 has AGF 053 Misty Maximum as her dam and AGF Joe Blach is her sire. At the back is AGF SA 009, Dam is AGF 053 Misty Maximum and sire is Sweet Alex. AGF SA 009 was bred to TRR Potenza Q last August 14, 2015. They are litter mate on dam side, Jacobs Pride Misty Maximum.
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