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Noble Springs JUSTIN Scoring a Hit with AGF Cast Iron 89
Noble Springs JUSTIN Scoring a Hit with AGF Cast Iron 89

Seriously pursuing breeding the progenies of Caprikorn Zurich Cast Iron with Noble Springs Justin. We have high hope for the planned breeding  we are doing for our Saanen Breed Improvement Program.

AGF Edgar 77, 2nd Generation AADL Doeling


Bullet Creek PJ'S Landon

AGF 77, 2nd Generation AADL Doeling
May 27, 2014

AGF 77, a local purebred Nubian doeling out of AGF 42 with Bullet Creek Sue Yanni as her sire. She is a second generation Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line (AADL) doeling. Out crossing the Australian influenced local Nubians in Alaminos with the imported American Nubian bucks is the main thrust of the AADL breeding program.

AGF 42 dam is our 2010 Agrilink Champion Nubian doe AGF 1454 and her sire is the dairy type Australian Nubian buck, AGF EDGAR.

AGF 77 was bred today to Bullet Creek PJ'S Landon, her progeny would be a third generation AADL.


Bullet Creek PJ'S Landon Watching Closesly the AADL Does as Breeding Season Starts
Bullet Creek PJ'S Landon Watching Closesly the AADL Does as Breeding Season Starts

2014 Breeding Season Starts
May 28, 2014

The change of weather pattern from cold to hot and from dry to wet signals the start of the 2014 breeding season at Alaminos Goat Farm. Bullet Creek PJ Landon is one of the main herd sire for  the  Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line (AADL) does as the breeding season begins at Alaminos Goat Farm.


Noble Springs JUSTIN
Noble Springs JUSTIN

Exciting 2014 Saanen Breeding Season Starts
May 28, 2014

Noble Spring Justin is ready for the start AGF Saanen breeding season. Noble Springs Justin will be our herd sire for the Saanen breed improvement program at AGF. He will be used to breed the progenies of Caprikorn Zurich Cast Iron.

We expect to see big improvement in milk yield with the crossing of Cast Iron progenies with Justin. 2014 will be a very exciting year for the Saanen Breed Improvement Program at AGF.

Morning Feeding Pelleted Goat's Feed with Indigofera
Morning Feeding Pelleted Goat's Feed with Indigofera

Advantages in Buying Dairy Goats From Alaminos Goat Farm
May 23, 2014

For the the past five years, AGF have been breeding dairy goats that can be milked successfully in tropical Philippines. Since 2008, AGF have done daily milk recording of dairy goats in the milking line in Alaminos. Records in individual milk performance is one of the basis for selection for replacement milkers at AGF.

In 2008, AGF made history in Philippine Agriculture. Alaminos Milk Star goat's milk became the first goat's milk in the supermarket trade in Metro Manila. With our growing reputation in successfully milking goats in the tropics, we started to focus in documenting the doable technology we are doing in Alaminos Goat Farm.

In the course of our success in milking the temperate breed of goats from Australia and the United States, we found out the good goat nutrition plays an important role. Indigofera is the center piece of the Alaminos Salad Garden feeding program. Indigofera addresses the high feed cost in feeding dairy goats in the milking line.

The high protein content of Indigofera ( 25% to 27.6% protein), high energy (3,921 calories per kilogram} and 2.9% calcium, makes it a perfect fit for dairy goats in the tropics. It is one of the easiest legume to propagate with a potential yield of 3.2 kilos per tree per year. For the past three years,  Indigofera has lowered feed cost in Alaminos by at least 20% without  sacrificing milk performance.

Getting your dairy goats from Alaminos Goat Farm makes sense since dairy goats being sold were specifically raised to be milked in tropical condition. The doable technology in good goat nutrition that we have developed and share with customers increases the chance of success in milking dairy goats for buyers in tropical Philippines.

Buying from Alaminos Goat Farm gives the buyer a huge advantage in getting the right type of dairy goats to milk in the tropics.


Pak Chong in Alaminos
Pak Chong in Alaminos

May 21, 2014

Pak Chong planted last April 7 have started to grow but germination was quite poor because of lack of water. This batch were planted in an area with enough moisture provided by the sprinklers.

The hybrid Pak Chong napier from Thailand that were planted in areas with enough water did good but in areas that depended on the rains it did very poorly. When the rains comes next month we will get the cuttings from this batch and replant it again.

Young AADL Weanling Kid Does Enjoying Indigofera
Young AADL Weanling Kid Does Enjoying Indigofera

Summer of 2014, Breakthrough Season for AGF Dairy Operation
May 21, 2014

The results of years of hard work and investment are starting to bear fruits. Summer of 2014 is a breakthrough season for AGF Dairy breed improvement program. Production of goat's milk is now up by 42% compared to 2013 1st quarter figures. The quality of replacement milkers continues to improve as the dairy breed improvement program continues to move forward.

Young AADL Does
Young AADL Does

Crossing the local Nubians with the American Nubian bucks from the USA have rewarded us with reasonably priced milking goats in Alaminos. As these young batch of AADL does matures next year in their second lactation, we expect them to produce more than 2 liters of milk per day for 305 days.

AADL Kid Does Summer of 2014
AADL Kid Does Summer of 2014

Young AADL Kid Does Summer of 2014
May 15, 2014

The progress of the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line (AADL) breeding program continues to make us very happy breeders at Alaminos Goat Farm. With time on our side we are slowly making big progress in crossing the local Nubian does with the American Nubian bucks we imported from the United States.

Adaptability to the tropical environment was added to the original selection criteria of 2 liters per day with a 305 days in lactation.

When we were starting the AADL breeding program, we were advised by our friends from PCAARRD, Dr. Synan Baguio and Ed Magbuo that we need to have the patience if we want to see this through. They said genetic improvement is a slow process that would require  long period of time. For purebred herds, genetic improvement seen no matter how small through a long period of time for every generation would be big at the end.

This is where selection comes in, picking up the Top 10% of the goats produced for every generation  would result to permanent improvement with in the herd.

Recording of individual performance are being done meticulously. Individual daily milk records are done everyday. Kidding weight of progenies are recorded and weight gain of young kids are closely monitored for the first 60 days.
Records are a valuable tool in making decision in selection.

Young AADL Kid Does of AGF 481 from Joe Black Breeding
Young AADL Kid Does of AGF 481 from Joe Black Breeding

These pair of kid does are siblings of AGF 1454, Champion Anglo Nubian Doe at the 2010 AgriLink Show, World Trade Center. They share a common dam, AGF 481. AGF 481 has blended well with Joe Black to produce these pair of beautiful kid does. Proving their worth in the milking line is the next stage of the selection process.

The young AADL kid does being produced at Alaminos Goat Farm continues to make us very proud breeders of Anglo Nubians in the tropics.

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