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Boers Does with Their Kids in Newly Repaired Pens
Boers Does with Their Kids in Newly Repaired Pens

First Batch of Newly Repaired Pens at AGF Now in Use
January 8, 2015

The Boers does and their kids are the first to transfer to the newly repaired concrete pens in Alaminos Goat Farm. Commercial Boer Bucks (CBB) are our top sellers in Alaminos

In 2014, we experienced very good demand for Boer breeders from goat raisers so we are prioritizing the repairs of their pens this year.

Pens Being Repaired at ALaminos Goat Farm
Pens Being Repaired at ALaminos Goat Farm

Costly Repairs Slowly Underway
January 8, 2015

We started doing costly repairs of goats pen in Alaminos Goat Farm. The feeding trough is now concrete from wood, the isle are now concrete. We are doing the repairs slowly because of the huge cost involve. We are going to repair the pens slowly in a 3 years program so it will not put pressure on our cash flow.


Third Generation AADL Kids of AGF J BLK 345
January 6, 2014

AGF JBLK 345 with her set of kid doe and buckling kid out of Potenza Q. The Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program is moving forward with third generation kids coming from the original local Anglo Nubian herd in Alaminos bred to outstanding American lined Nubian bucks.

These are the first progenies of Potenza Q in Alaminos. PennyRoyal Potenza is the outstanding dam of Q. Potenza had a level lactation of 305 days with an average of 4.44 kilos per day in her first lactation. Potenza Q came from our friend Edwin Dumlao in Pangasinan.

Island Born Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line Doelings 2015
Island Born Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line Doelings 2015


Planned Breeding For 2015
January 5, 2015

For 2015, the goal is to document the performance of the breeders selected for the Alaminos Dairy Breed Improvement Program. Identifying families that are performing well in the tropical setting is the primary goal. Families identified will form part of the foundation stock for the production dairy milkers.

In the many  years of doing dairy breed improvement in Alaminos, the consensus of the Alamios Milk Star team is that Anglo Saanen Cross is a proven combination that can deliver the milk consistently under the tropical climate of the Philippines. For the Anglo Saanen cross the additional work being done this year is compare results of the performance of their progenies when they are bred King James, an American Alpine buck. Performance of the progenies of the Anglo Saanen Cross when they are bred back to an American Anglo Nubian buck are closely being monitored.

Work continues with the Alaminos Anglo Dairy line, Saanen and Oberhasli Breed Improvement Program. We are getting closer in reaching our goal in identifying families of dairy goats that are adaptable to the tropical climate of the Philippines. The goal is 2 liters of milk for day. We have lowered our days in lactation in the milking line to 245 days as we let the dam to milk her kids for 60 days.

In 2016, we will have a comprehensive planned breeding as we collect more data on performance in the milking line, quality of the kids produced, adaptability to the tropical climate and appetite of the dairy goats in eating the pelleted concentrate and forage


Twins For AGF 58 JP Love To The Maxim
January 3,

AGF JP Love to the Maxim had two healthy kids today. A buckling kid and a kid doe out of Bullet Creek Sue Yanni. We will be retaining the kid doe for the AADL breeding program. The buckling kid would be good breeding material to spread the balance show type dairy features of the Jacobs Pride Nubians and the dairyness of the 6M Galaxy lined buck Sue Yanni of Tanya Farris of Bullet Creek Ranch.

Newly Weaned Dairy Doelings, Morning Feeding with Pelleted Goat's Feed
Newly Weaned Dairy Doelings, Morning Feeding with Pelleted Goat's Feed

2015 Alaminos Salad Garden (ASG) Feeding Program
January 3
, 2015

Starting the 2015 ASG Feeding Program on the right note gave our dairy goats a head start. We have increased the shredded Indigofera leaves from 30% to 35% and introduced Nestle breakfast cereals to partially replaced portion of copra meal, rice bran and molasses in the goats diet. Improved palatability was observed the past days.

Newly weaned goats eating at the same time is one sign that the pelleted goat's feed is highly palatable. Separating the kids from their dam is one of the most stressful event for young kids life. The earlier they start eating the better for them.

Palatability of the starter ration for the newly weaned kids is a basic issue in successfully raising healthy young dairy goats.


2015 Young Pregnant Dairy Goats  Waiting For Pelleted Goat's Feed
2015 Young Pregnant Dairy Goats Waiting For Pelleted Goat's Feed

Critics always question the feed cost of feeding concentrate to our dairy goats. Doing dairy goats in a tropical setting calls for good goat nutrition which is a different business model compared to doing meat goats. The additional value added products which we produce  from goat's milk gives us enough room to invest more in good goat nutrition with the production of good quality pelleted goat's feed. Selling dairy breeders gives us another advantage in term of higher selling price.

Starting the young dairy goats early with the pelleted goat's feed is part of the success story of Alaminos Goat Farm dairy operation. Our experience dictates that high milking dairy goats in the milking line requires a bigger amount of quality feed concentrate, forage legumes and grass. To have a long level lactation, the high milkers will require highly digestible, high in energy and protein feeding regimen. Add to this a balance combination of calcium and phosphorous plus the vitamins and minerals.

In our dairy operation we have added to the selection process the appetite of the future milkers. High milkers would require high feed intake to sustain their high milk production otherwise if they have poor appetite, it would result to negative energy intake and result to very poor body condition.

To address high feed cost, Alaminos Goat Farm have invested heavily in developing the Alaminos Salad Garden. Sixty percent of what the dairy goats eat in Alaminos are forage legumes and grass which comes from the Alaminos Salad Garden. Years of experience have led us to our favorite tree legume Indigofera which is a game changer in good goat nutrition at a reasonable cost.

2014 Christmas Blessings Comes in Three Pairs
December 25 , 2014

Three pairs of kids from three different dairy breeds were born  before Christmas in Alaminos. They bring good tidings for the Alaminos Dairy Breed Improvement Program.

For the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line we have Bullet Creek PJ's Laurel Anne with a kid doe and a buckling kid with Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya as sire. They bring strong dairy breed character to the Anglo Nubians in Alaminos.

The Oberhasli's kids came from AGF Ober 471, a buckling kid and kid doe with Ober Boerd Lead The Way as sire. The Oberhaslis brings creamy and sweet tasting milk which customers of Alaminos Milk Star goat's milk loves.

For hybrid vigor we are placing our bet with the triple cross Alpine Anglo Saanen cross. K 581 gave us a pair of kid does with Noble Spring Justin as sire. The crossbred brings adaptability to the tropical environment as one of its biggest advantage. High milk production of the crossbreds in Alaminos continue to push us to produce  crossbred milkers in commercial numbers.

We are excited with the four kid does we got this Christmas. They are a blessing for the future of the Alaminos Dairy Breed Improvement Program. It makes us very confident to make a statement that we are getting closer to reach our goal in developing a family of dairy goats ideal for the tropical setting of the Philippines.

To all our customers and friends, Thank You for making 2014 a great year for Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk sales. For our customers who have made reservations for dairy breeders Thank You for your patience in waiting. For 2015 we have a standing order for over 70 heads of dairy type doelings and adding our own requirement for our replacement herd we have our work cut for us for the whole of 2015.

Maraming Maraming Salamat po sa inyong patuloy na pagsuporta sa Alaminos Goat Farm. Happy New Year to all.

BC PJ'S Laurel Anne with Her Twins
BC PJ'S Laurel Anne with Her Twins

Twins For Bullet Creek PJ'S Laurel Anne
December 24, 2014

Its a set of twins from D 31 Bullet Creek PJ's Laurel Anne out of Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya. A pair of buckling kid and a kid doe came a day before Christmas. We will be retaining the kid doe for the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program. The goal is to increase the numbers of our 6M Galaxy lined Nubians does in Alaminos. We will out cross them with Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya, AGF Joe Black and Potenza Q.

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