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Goldthwaite Aliminos


Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya

Goldthwaite Nubian Bucks in Alaminos Goat Farm
August 20, 2013

Becky Goldthwaite wrote......When asked by Rene to find him the best buck from our Goldthwaite herd for their Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program, the progeny of SGCH Goldthwaite Madelaine to CH (pend) *B Goldthwaite Jewellburt came right to mind.  I understood that the top priority was for production, but I also saw the need for correct type and conformation were high on his list.  Luckily Madelaine cooperated and presented me with a beautiful set of triplets, 2 bucks and a doe.  I selected Goldthwaite Aliminos for Rene.


Goldthwaite Madelaine, Dam of Goldthwaite Aliminos
Goldthwaite Madelaine, Dam of Goldthwaite Aliminos

The dam, SGCH Goldthwaite Madelaine, was the litter mate to our last ADGA Spotlight Sale doe from one of our all time Champion daughters of SGCH "OMAR", SGCH Goldthwaite Clematis, LA 91, many time BIS and BUIS winner, with a lifetime production of over 14000 lbs.  Madelaine's high test last year as a 5 yr old was 13.5 lbs.

n a tight line breeding to Jewellburt - who just finished his Championship at this years Wyoming State Fair Nubian Speciality - we have doubled up over and over on the "OMAR" influence, thru his dam SGCH Jewellia - a Top Ten producing "OMAR" daughter and full sister to Merlin - Madelaine's sire. 

Correct type and  conformation, is also solid in his pedigree, with all the major players being SGCH and Linear Appraised Excellent (LA90 & LA 91).  Aliminos exemplifies this in his length of body, strength of topline, and correct feet and legs both fore and rear.

However, just one generation is like a drop in the genetic bucket of the Island bred goats, so to insure that his influence continues I sent along a little "buddy" for him, which  Rene gave the name of Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya, honoring him as a "golden gift".  Gintong Biyaya was a late born son of a yearling daughter of Aliminos' sire, Jewellburt.  He is sired by another son of SGCH Jewellia - Goldthwaite Orpheus.  Orpheus is a beautiful buck who was sired by our Senior Herd sire - Goldthwaite Bootonniere. 

There is already some Bootonnier influence on the Island, and the herd in  Alaminos were fortunate in obtaining AGF Joe Black  another buck linebred on Bootonniere from his daughter CH Goldthwaite Angel Gabriel.

Goldthwaite Mindanao, Dam of Goldthewaite Gintong Biyaya


Goldthwaite Orpheus, Sire of Goldthwaite Gintong Biyaya

Every one of my ORPHEUS kids has been extremely correct and beautiful, and Gintong Biyaya is no exception.  he is an extremely long buckling from the Jewellburt daughter Goldthwaite Mindanao - who's dam is a Bootonniere daughter "Hoopla",also appraised Excellent LA90, from one of our all time special does SGCH Goldthwaite HOORAH (a Merlin daughter).  In conclusion, Gintong Biyaya is a perfect breeding to compliment Aliminos and to keep the Goldthwaite influence strong in the Alaminos Nubian  herd.

Rene Almeda wrote........
To Becky Goldthwaite, Thank you for taking time in doing the write ups, for your generosity for giving us the golden gift, Gintong Biyaya for free and for your insights in line breeding. All these will redound to better Nubians in Tropical Philippines. We will forever be indebted for all the help and kindness you have showered us. Thank You as they say in the vernacular Maraming Salamat Po Madame Becky from the bottom of our heart....Alaminos Milk Star Family.


AGF 148 Nubian Doeling


AGF 206 Nubian Doeling

Anglo Nubian Doelings Selected for DA RFU VIII Tacloban
August 26, 2013

We are recommending  two Anglo Nubian doelings for the DA RFU VIII breeding station. AGF 148 and AGF 206 will be going to Tacloban once it gets the approval upon inspection of  their technical committee.

AGF 148 was bred to Bullet Creek Faith's  Triumph last August 6, 2013. AGF 148 has as her dam AGF 42 with Braveheart Hercules as sire. AGF 42 dam is our 2010 AgriLink Champion Nubian Doe AGF 1454  with the imported Nubian buck from Australia, AGF Edgar as her sire.

AGF 148 returned to heat today and was re-bred  to Bullet Creek PJ'S Landon.

The local Nubians were nurtured by Alaminos Goat Farm through the years carries their proven adaptability to the tropical environment. Bullet Creek's line would improve the udders of their progenies for better milk production. We see big opportunities in improving milk yield with this combination of local and imported Nubians from Bullet Creek Ranch.


AGF 206 Bred to Bullet Creek Faith Triumph
AGF 206 Bred to Bullet Creek Faith Triumph

To give the breeding program of DA RFU VIII a head start, we have decided to  breed AGF 206 last August 20, 2013 with our imported Bullet Creek Faith Triumph.

AGF 206 has ML 44 as her dam and Braveheart Sweet Alex as her sire.

Anglo Nubian Bucklings for SAIS-RED Project in Eastern and Northern Samar
Anglo Nubian Bucklings for SAIS-RED Project in Eastern and Northern Samar

Anglo Nubian Bucks for the SAIS-RED Project in Northern and Eastern Samar
August 17, 2013

ALAMINOS GOAT FARM is helping SAIS-RED, a government project in Eastern and Northern Samar. The two provinces are among the poorest provinces in the Philippines. The project aims to alleviate poverty by teaching farmers in the countryside enterprise building through goat raising.

DA RFU VIII is the implementing agency together with local government units. The Anglo Nunbian bucks will provide good genetic infusion to the local herd in Eastern and Northern Samar. Alaminos Goat Farm sees improvement of the Anglo Nubian herd with the infusion of the Nubian bucks in the area.


Cleaning Time Chiller and Pasteurizer Every Friday
Cleaning Time Chiller and Pasteurizer Every Friday

Every Friday the pasteurizer and chillers are cleaned. The water of the milking equipment is changed once a week every Friday. The flooring of the room is washed down with detergent.

Indigofera in the Alaminos Salad Garden, Excess Indigofera Being Replanted in Plastic Bags.
Indigofera in the Alaminos Salad Garden, Excess Indigofera Being Replanted in Plastic Bags.

Indigofera in the Alaminos Salad Garden
August 16, 2013

We continue to make big progress in planting Indigofera in the Alaminos Salad Garden. The rains have been very good in providing moisture to the newly planted Indigofera.

To develop enterprise we are transferring excess Indigofera into black plastic bags. The Indigofera seedlings in plastic bags are now available for sale in Alaminos.

We would like to show that this will be an additional source of income for goat raisers, selling seedlings of Indigofera. Better still if the raiser can produce seeds of Indigofera, there is a shortage of seeds of Indogfera in the market today.

In doing so we are hitting two birds in one stone, good nutrition provided by the tree legume Indigofera and income from the sale of the Indigofera seedlings.
It will help make goat raising to be more sustainable and profitable.

Milk Production Returning to Normal with Improved Weather
Milk Production Returning to Normal with Improved Weather

The Sun is Out Today in Alaminos
August 15, 2013

The sun is finally out today after several days of rains. We experienced a drop in goat's milk yields in Alaminos the past days because of the rains. Goats milk production is returning to normal with the improved weather condition. Have a nice and sunny day ahead for all.


Testing Electromagnet Induction Sealing Machine
August 14, 2013

Today we are testing the induction sealing machine. It is claimed that inductive  thermal sealing protects the milk inside the bottle from natural humidity. This is  the reason for the claim of longer shelf life of the milk because of the quality of the sealing product.

This machine applies the principle of electromagnet induction heating. Through non-contact inductive heating, both the inductive film and aluminum seal compound film will be tightly onto the opening of the sealing object after instantly thermal melting so as to reach the target of the seal.

By next month we expect Alaminos Milk Star Goat's Milk to be fully Induction sealed with the use of the newly acquired Electromagnet Induction Sealing Machine.
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