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Started Selling Indigofera Seedlings Today
Started Selling Indigofera Seedlings Today

Indigofera Seedling Now Available For Sale in Alaminos
November 16, 2013

We started selling Indigofera seedlings in plastic bag again at Alaminos Goat Farm today at Php 20 pesos each.


American Nubian Bucks for the 2014 Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line (AADL) Program
November 15, 2013

Alaminos Goat Farm has invested good money to bring Anglo Nubian bucks from the United States last year and this year. We have totally replaced  the Australian Nubian bucks in our Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line breeding program with the American  Nubian bucks from Goldthwaite Nubians, Bullet Creek Ranch and Jacob's Pride Nubians.

This year we have  out cross the Australian influenced Anglo Nubian  does in Alaminos with the American Nubian bucks. We hope to see big improvement in  milk yields with the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line in 2014.


Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line Does Starts Kidding in December Up to March 2014

Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line Does Starts Kidding in December Up to March 2014


Putting Meaning to the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line Breeding Program

November 14, 2013


We at Alaminos Goat Farm are firm believer in destiny. Things happen for a reason, when things are meant to be everything will fall in place one by one at the right place and right  time.


Last week, Alaminos Goat Farm received one of its biggest  blessing from heaven, the farm was spared of the devastating effect of typhoon Haiyan as it took the route towards South China Sea through the island of Mindoro and  Palawan. For us it is a sign of approval from above for us  to continue what we are doing and with our advocacy in Alaminos.


In promoting goat dairying, we get invitation from all over the islands. Our advocacy calls for us to share our experiences to show that goat dairying is a viable, sustainable and profitable enterprise for farmers in the countryside. We get to touch base with all kinds of people in the Philippines from the very rich and powerful to the poor farmers in the countryside.


Trying to touch base with the farmers in the countryside brought us to the island of Samar. Our goal is  to share with them that good goat nutrition is very doable at minimal cost with Indigofera, our favorite the tree legume in Alaminos. We have partnered with DA Region 8 for their SAIS RED project in Eastern and Northern Samar. Our friend Dr. Wilson Cerbito, DA RTD for Region 8 Tacloban, is the project manager of SAIS RED.


Last October we shipped to Tacloban 12 heads of Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line goats for the SAIS RED project. The bucks were delivered to beneficiaries in; Calbayog Cityland,  Sta. Rita. For Eastern Samar to our partners in the towns of Balagkayan and Salcedo and in Northern Samar in the towns of San Isidro, Catamaran, San Roque and Palabag. We supplied 2 pregnant Anglo Nubian doelings and two Anglo Nubian bucks for the DA-8 Regional Goat Farm in Matibog, Southern Leyte.


We find our involvement with the SAIS RED in Samar and the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line (AADL) breeding program providential. The SAIS RED project had a very good start with strong interest from the farmers, NGOs, local government units in Samar. Then tragedy struck our partners last week, typhoon Haiyan resulted to loss of lives, properties and livelihood.


Young AADL Doelings
Young AADL Doelings

The AADL breeding program continues to move forward with the kidding season starting in December all the way to March. Escaping the terrible effect of typhoon Haiyan has given us the momentum to work harder. Destiny is pointing  us towards the successful conclusion of the Alaminos Anglo Dairy Line program that is suited to the tropical condition in the Philippines.

We commit to prioritize the SAIS RED project in Samar should they decide to pursue the second phase of the program. When its time for livelihood reconstruction for our partners in SAIS RED, we will open our heart to support the rebuilding program that they will decide to undertake.


Morning After Typhoon Yolanda Skips Alaminos
Morning After Typhoon Yolanda Skips Alaminos

Dawn of a New Day in Alaminos After Haiyan (Yolanda)

November 9, 2013


At the break of dawn as the new day breaks, we continue to count the many blessings we continue to receive from above. The whole morning of yesterday was full anxiety as it was a  waiting game,  what the powerful typhoon Haiyan will bring in early evening. With Godís blessing Haiyan spared our farm in Alaminos.


We cannot take our mind off our partners in SAIS RED in Eastern and Northern Samar and Tacloban, they were not as lucky as they got a direct hit from typhoon Haiyan. Last month we delivered 12 heads of Anglo Nubian breeder goats at the Tacloban Airport in Leyte for the SAIS RED project in Eastern and Northern Samar.


The project manager for the SAIS RED project, RTD of DA Region 8, Dr. Wilson Cerbito is from Tacloban City in Leyte. Communication is down since yesterday from Tacloban and we have not heard from him since yesterday morning at the start of Haiyan onslaught in Leyte.


We offer our prayers for our friends and partners in Central Philippines and  we commit to help  our partners in the SAIS RED project when they start livelihood reconstruction from the devastation of typhoon Haiyan.


Favorite First Lactating Trio, JP Maxim Darski AGF 057, Saanen AGF 9020, Turn in the  Milking Line
Favorite First Lactating Trio, JP Maxim Darski AGF 057, Saanen AGF 9020, Turn in the Milking Line

Favorite First Lactating Trio 2013
November 7, 2013

We have identified our favorite trio of  young first lactating does in Alaminos. They are Jacobs Pride Nubian Maxim Darski, Oberhasli AGF 471 and Saanen AGF 7020. The trio were bred young at 8 to 12 months old. Their daily milk yield and number of days in lactation are being recorded. Darski and Ober 471 are averaging 2 liters per day while the Saanen, AGF 9020 is averaging 1.6 liters per day. Milk recording started when the kids were weaned from their dam at 60 days after kidding.

The consensus in the farm is that the favorite trio holds huge potential as their mammary matures with age.  We will record their milk yield in their 2nd lactation. In 2014, we are  looking forward to see improved  milk yield from our favorite trio as they mature.


Triple Cross Doelings Selected for a Friend
Triple Cross Doelings Selected for a Friend

Triple Cross Doelings Going to a Friend to Meet Commitment Made
November 6, 2013

We are starting to prepare to meet commitment made this year for 2014 delivery of 50 heads of Nubian Saanen and Triple Cross doelings to friends and customers. We have selected for our friend and loyal customer Bobby Baluyot, 5 heads of triple cross doelings.

AGF have invested heavily in bringing in well selected dairy bucks for the dairy breed improvement program in Alaminos. For the production of the  triple cross Alpine Nubian Saanen doeling, we used an imported American Purebred Alpine, buck JC Adventurer, King James.

Progenies of King James in Alaminos are showing hybrid vigor. It is our assessment that with good nutrition and hybrid vigor, science is on our side for success  in dairying goats in tropical Philippines. For the production of next generation progenies, our recommendation is to breed them back to one of the original breed, a Saanen or a Nubian buck would suit for this purpose.

This year we have made reservation for 2014 kids from Redwoodhill Farm in Sonoma Valley for two Saanen bucks and an Alpine buck from their award winning and proven line of high milk producing dairy goats. This  will augment the dairy buck line in 2014 for the commercial production of  the hybrid Nubian Saanen and Alpine Nubian Saanen Cross in Alaminos.

Service Time for Pelletizing Machine by Escueta Iron Work Crew in Alaminos
Service Time for Pelletizing Machine by Escueta Iron Work Crew in Alaminos

Service Time For Pelleting Machine in Alaminos
November 5. 2013

Took time today to have the pelleting machine serviced by the Escueta Iron Work service crew. We are preparing for the start of the new milking season in December as the kidding season starts  first week of December. The kidding season goes all the way to March 2013.


Type of Pelleted Goat's Feed Dairy Milking Goat's Loves to Eat in Alamonos
Type of Pelleted Goat's Feed Dairy Milking Goat's Loves to Eat in Alamonos

2014 target is to increase milk production by 20%. Experience has shown us that the pelleting machine should always be in tip top condition. Changes in the quality of the pelleted goat's feed could easily result to drop in milk production by 10%.

Thank you to the Escueta Iron Work service crew for their prompt service of the the two pelleting machines in Alaminos. Mabuhay kayo.
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